Kōwhai Walk

IMG_7983 The Wellington Botanic Garden has contributed to Wellington’s scientific, educational and recreational life for nearly 150 years. Today the Garden remains immensely popularly with locals and tourists alike.

Communicating this long, diverse heritage to the many visitors can be a challenge, especially along the Kōwhai Walk at the top of the Cable Car.  Popular with the thousands of cruise ship tourists who visit the Garden, the walk encompasses disparate heritage structures, including observatories and military embankments. A pamphlet explaining these structures was in need of an upgrade as the text and design was outdated.

I reviewed the content of the pamphlet, identifying areas that needed more historic research and developing a theme that drew the histories of the structures together. The central theme was the development of science in the reserve. Each structure had its own technical history that fit into this overall narrative. Suggestions were also made for design and layout that fit with the Wellington City Council design guidelines.

This pamphlet is pending publication.

I also revised the guide to the rose garden, to make the content easier to understand and specific rose bushes easier to find. The rose garden is one of the busiest parts of the garden, with thousands of visitors every year.

This project was completed as a placement for the requirements of the Museum and Heritage Studies postgraduate diploma at Victoria University.