Suffrage 125

In 2018, New Zealand celebrates the 125th anniversary of women receiving the vote – the first self-governing country in the world to have universal suffrage.* To mark the occasion, Manatū Taonga the Ministry for Culture and Heritage (MCH) created the online exhibition ‘Women, the Vote and Activism’.  The exhibition features three waves of women’s activism – suffrage, women’s liberation, and current movements – and profiles of key activists and advocates.

Suffrage 125

As a research assistant, my role in the website’s development included:

  • image research for each of the three waves and various profiles
  • development of an interactive timeline that examines key events in women’s history
  • three profiles of New Zealand women for the website (Anna Stout, Elizabeth Yates and Marilyn Waring)
  • the popular Facebook note ‘Suffragist or Suffragette?’

Suffragist or Suffragette

Further work yet to be published includes several ‘Today in History’ posts of events in New Zealand history that feature prominent women or changed how New Zealand women lived their lives.

* Very, very close to universal suffrage. The residents of the Chatham Islands couldn’t vote until 1922.